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Wooden beds equipped with mattresses. Our bed frames are made of the best quality solid wood and attested materials. We also offer all kind of mattresses made of many types of material. All mattresses are made of hypoallergenic materials which reduce the growth of mites and other microorganisms.

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Probably the most important part of your bed is a mattress, so you need to choose it wisely if you like to have a good night’s sleep. That’s why in our store you will find not only the best pine wood furniture, but also comfortable mattresses from UK.

The best mattresses from UK - how to choose?

Based on statistics we can say, that people spend almost ⅓ of their lives in the bed, after all sleep is very important for our body. It helps us to regenerate after a tough day, soothes our nerves and aids our muscles to relax. Beside, mattress is a support for your spine, so if you choose bad quality product, you will be exposed to an uncomfortable back pain. The mattress should be adequate to your body posture and weight, and it needs to have a proper firmness. Conventional mattresses with innerspring are still the most popular, but the memory foam version is more adequate to the needs of your spine. It will fit snugly around your body, also helping you to reduce tossing and turning during the sleep. This type of product was first design for an aeroplane seats, but now you may have it in your own bed! And if you are looking for the decent bed mattress available in UK, our offer should get your attention.

Cheap single and double mattresses from UK

We are proud to present you the perfect mattresses, which will help you to get a decent sleep every night. Each product was made of a memory foam, which will provide the best support your spine can get. This type of material offers a proper firmness, it will fit around the body, no matter it size or shape. Even with the flexibility of a foam, you don’t need to be worry about any deformation, our cheap mattresses from UK will always stay in good shape. As a cover of the product, we used a case made of breathable fabric, which is very enjoyable to the touch and - the most important - entirely hypoallergenic. Our online offer of UK mattresses includes products in many sizes, which are adequate for the single and double beds. Beside, do not forget to check our wide range of phenomenal pine wood beds and create the perfect set for your bedroom!

UK’s mattresses for sale - additional info

If you like your mattress to stay in a good condition for many years, don’t forget to flip it once in 6 months. The case could be taken off and clean, but before you put it right back on the mattress, make sure that it is entirely dry. The product need to has a decent ventilation, so it could be only use on a slatted bed base. To make a purchase in the store you don’t need to create an account, however it will give you the access to additional services. Just place the chosen product into your cart, make a payment via PayPal and give your address information - the shipment will arrive at your doors during few days! We are sending our mattresses all around UK, using a decent package delivery company, to make sure your product is safe during the entire trip. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our office via telephone or email.


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